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Frank Ocean Italy
Welcome! This is the first italian fan blog about FR▲NK OCE▲N! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too!
About me:
My name is Marco, I'm 20 and i'm Italian! I'm a great fan of Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean has won the award for Best New Album on Best New Bands.

Best New Album: Frank Ocean channel ORANGE
Just 24, Frank Ocean had the kind of success in 2012 that most artists can only dream about.  He was the musical guest on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.  He received rave notices for his headlining tour and various festival appearances.  His first full-length release, the brilliant R&B-funk CD, channel ORANGE, entered the Billboard Albums chart at #2.  And oh yeah, his six Grammy noms including Album, Record (for “Thinkin Bout You”) and Best New Artist, were tied for the most of any artist this year.

Click here to buy channel ORANGE on iTunes:

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